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Car Door Welcome Light Strips 12V LED

Car Door Welcome Light Strips 12V LED

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About This Item

The product has three modes, see the video in detail

Product name: streamer door light
Voltage: 12V
Material: 2835 wick
Length: 1.2M
Light color: white+red, white+color
Applicable models: general

Installation tutorial
1. Tear off the adhesive on the edge of the door to fix it
2. Pry open the gap at the bottom of the door
3. Hide the driver and pull the wire to the door light
4. The red wire is connected to the anode of the door and the black wire is connected to the negative
5. Installation is complete

Package Included:
According to your choice, choose 1 piece or 2 pieces or 4 pieces. One door is 1 piece. It is recommended that you choose 2 pieces for the front door or 4 pieces for the 4 doors.


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