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Large RC 80CM RC Helicopter Model 3.5CH Alloy Frame Anti-Fall with LED Lights

Large RC 80CM RC Helicopter Model 3.5CH Alloy Frame Anti-Fall with LED Lights

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Main Features:

  1. Oversized 80cm body, domineering appearance, alloy frame anti-fall material, it is your extra large remote control helicopter!

  2. The external large-capacity tccicadas rechargeable lithium battery, independent power connector, independent battery switch, reasonable design, convenient for players to quickly replace the battery, safer use!

  3. Alloy fuselage, using special alloy materials for aircraft model, anti-strike ability, effectively protecting important parts of the aircraft

  4. And the stability of the overall structure, the aircraft is more resistant to fall and collision!

  5. The metal main frame structure firmly protects the internal parts of the fuselage. The aircraft model alloy material is used, which has the ability to resist blows and protects the stability of important parts of the aircraft and the overall structure!

  6. Toughness and high-pressure buffering. The main flight parts of the aircraft are made of flexible materials for aircraft models, which can protect the aircraft parts from dangerous flight damage such as impact and fall during the flight. It has the function of buffering and anti-collision.

  7. Cool LED lights, illuminate the beautiful night sky.



Packing List:

  1. RC Helicopter* 1

  2. Remote Controller* 1

  3. Charger* 1

  4. 2300mAh Battery* 1

  5. Main Propeller* 2

  6. Tail Propeller* 1

  7. 1* Set Other Parts


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